How to Get Positive Online Reviews for Your Law Firm

Positive online reviews stand as proof of the trustworthiness and expertise of your law firm.

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In This Article

Today, positive online reviews stand as proof of the trustworthiness and expertise of your law firm. You can claim your law firm’s reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google Reviews,, and more. Here is how you can get positive online reviews by creating your law firm’s profile on the above-mentioned platforms.

Importance of Positive Online Reviews for Law Firms

Positive online reviews are essential for any law firm. As they serve as a modern badge of trust and expertise in the legal field. Yet, these reviews reflect a firm’s reputation and also play a crucial role in a potential client’s decision-making process.

Today, many clients consult online reviews before selecting legal representation. As a result, these testimonials are a significant factor in attracting new clients.

Moreover, a steady influx of positive reviews can boost a law firm’s online visibility in search results. All these factors make positive online reviews a powerful tool for client engagement and acquisition.

How to Get Positive Online Reviews for Your Law Firm

Here are 3 easy steps to getting online reviews for your law firm:

1. Choose an Online Reviews Platform

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To begin with, you will need to choose trustworthy lawyer review platforms. Here is a list of the top 9 online review platforms for lawyers and law firms.

  1. Avvo 

  2. LegalMatch

  3. BBB

  4. Attorneys

  5. Yelp

  6. Justia

  7. FindLaw

  8. Google

  9. Nolo

2. Set up Your Law Firm's Profile

Now that you have a list of online review platforms, it is time to set up your profiles.
Here is essential information you will need to fill out when creating your profile:

  • Accurate and consistent information across all platforms – this includes your firm’s name, address, phone number, website address and areas of specialization.

  • Use relevant keywords – identify keywords or keyphrases that potential clients might use when searching for legal services and add these keywords to your profile descriptions. For example, “personal injury lawyer,” “family attorney,” or “employment law in [Your City].

  • Professional Imagery – use high-quality images of your team, office and logo. Professional photos help create a positive first impression and can influence potential clients’ perception of your firm as trustworthy and established.

3. Ask Your Clients to Leave Reviews

After your profiles are created, the next and most important is to ask your past clients to share their experience working with you. Here are some strategies to encourage clients to share their testimonials:

  • Timing is key – the best time to ask for a review is soon after successfully closing a case or delivering satisfactory legal advice. This moment, when client satisfaction is highest increases the likelihood of receiving positive feedback.

  • Simplify the process – make leaving a review as easy as possible for your clients. Provide direct links to your profiles on review platforms. Additionally, consider creating a simple guide or email template with instructions on how to leave a review.

  • Personalize your requestpersonal requests can be more effective than generic ones. A personalized email or a thoughtful handwritten note expressing gratitude for the opportunity to serve them.

  • Highlight the importance – explain to clients how much their feedback matters, not only to your firm but to potential clients who rely on reviews to make informed decisions.

  • Address concerns ethically – it’s crucial, especially in the legal field, to adhere to ethical guidelines when soliciting reviews. Avoid offering incentives for reviews, as this can violate ethical standards and potentially lead to misleading or biased feedback.

  • Respond to all reviews – show appreciation for reviews by responding to them, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. This demonstrates that your firm values client feedback and is committed to improving client experiences.

👩‍⚖️ The Verdict

The verdict of this case is – online reviews are a cornerstone of a law firm’s digital reputation, playing a pivotal role in shaping public perception and influencing potential clients’ decisions. By strategically setting up and optimizing profiles on review platforms, law firms can enhance their visibility and attract more clients.

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